Saturday, June 7, 2014

Most dangerous Powerful Feng Shui Cure to protect from Negative Energies Neighbours Never Use This

Feng shui’s most powerful dangerous cure which must never be used but continues to lure people who are constantly affected by negative energies every time from neighbors and other people. The symbols of violence and war that when displayed anywhere produce a lot of strong powerful feng shui energy that can have a powerful effect on the one it is directed to.
Usually people who are having trouble from noisy, interfering and problematic neighbors are just about willing to try out any feng shui cures for solving this negativity form coming inside their homes.  This negative energy comes from the main door in terms of loud noise and sounds of laughter, talking or fighting that is having arguments and using bad words. People also complain of dirty neighbors that never remain clean and also litter around the door premises thus making the outside space dirty and stinking. There are also some who put up loud music or religious chants in the wee hours of morning without realising the effect on others outside. Then we also see people complaining about shoes or old furniture, broken things, old plant containers not in use, etc all over the outside door that looks messy and smells!
Feng Shui Most powerful Cures for Protection from Negative Energy Never Use
All such things bring in a lot of negative energy as you enter your home everyday and this does have an effect on the feng shui of your home in negative manner even after taking all the measures of feng shuing your home space.
As feng shui master suggest strong cures for dealing with this there are a few very powerful cures to counter this negative energy. War symbols like swords, knifes, cranes used for digging during construction, bull dozers, military tanks etc are examples of very strong cures that bring about instant change in stopping negative energy. There are also concave mirros that produce distorted images when looked into and thus produce a bad image to the outside viewers. These have been proved to counter strong negative energy forces coming from outside the main door especially neighbors.
The important aspect is never to use them as this may result in strong consequences for the neighbors. Some fall sick, some are troubled financially, some separate, where as some are so mixed up in life problems that they shift residences! Your problem will be solved but the negative string effects may also work in some from to the energy of your home. Disturbing it. And also those effects may sometimes also come about towards your home.
Instead of using such strong negative feng shui cures you can opt for positivity. I know this will take a little longer to show results but trust me it will.
1) Use color, white is the strongest pure color that can stop negative energy from entering your home. Paint the outside light color or white.
2) Lights- Use string lights above your door, that dissolves negative energy form coming inside your home and also gives the other person a message that you are being disturbed. Somehow you also give that glaring light into their face thus making them feel uncomfortable looking at your house with negative glances.
3) Use plant- green plants outside your door neutralize negative energy and converts it to a soothing positive one. Also looking at green soothes the mind and the heart and the eyes.
4) Use symbols of protection , this depends upon each ones choice and faith , outside the main door.
5) Use water- this also has been proved to neutralize negative energies. Have a water feature, flowing water keeps the ions in air moving , thus not allowing negativity to settle, but remember to keep it clean and dirt free.
Instead of opting for negative cures try positive ones you feel the same results maybe a little slowly on but they will make every one happy , even your neighbors!
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Thank you and All the Best from Rizwana!


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  3. if the troubling making neighbour is from my upstair, what kind of Feng Shui should I use them to move out.

    1. Hi cute cat 1) sound proof your home if possible 2) put some plants at your entrance 3) put some salt n your space, whichever room you get negative vibes, this helps a lot, dont forget to change this as it gets muddy. 4) you must focus with using white colour , on doors, it is powerful cure and overwhelming for negative people 5) try to be busy, the more you focus on your activities, negative energy gradually moves out.6) whatever is troubling you, if you are on talking terms, communicate to your neighbour 7) most powerful, use with care, ba gua mirror on front door, sure shot, they wull move away!


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