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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What to do with gifted paintings and artifacts from your Ex- Wife or Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Lover

Break ups and divorces are not the most occasions to be remembered and are so unpleasant that they leave the scars for life. Broken friendships, broken relationships and broken marriages are a better facts of life for some that need a lot of effort from their part to move on and begin trust in the energy of happiness and life.  Feng shui does not promote to encourage this type of past energy as this blocks for the individuals. concerned.
What to do with the gifts paintings artifacts, objects , greeting cards that have been given on happy occasion by your ex- wife, lover or girlfriend and the most first thought that people have is they were a part of happy moments and they must be prized and preciously kept as fond memories of the happy couple, friends, marriage years .
Pink Roses By Rizwana A.Mundewadi Oil on Paper
People display the paintings gifts  in bedrooms or special space in office desk and continue with their life time and again  looking at the works of art and  remembering their past. The feng shui energy here is not a good one, and this stops the individual from progressing in life and relationships.
The individual fears getting into new relationships as they always are being reminded of their failure in previous relationships and hence they do not make new friendships or look out for new partners in life. Then there are also feelings of loss, sadness, depression, a fear of failure, and a feeling of why this did not work out, self blame and a lot of negative energy coming up every time they view the pieces of art or gifts by exes.
Hence according to feng shui which  is all about moving with the flow stagnant energy is every bad. Remove all symbols of past in your bedroom or home or office. If you really wish to move ahead in life and progress it is better to accept the situations and move on activating the relationships area as well as helpful friends area in feng shui and brings in lots of sportive energy into your life.
Take Care and God Bless you,  from Rizwana!

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