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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dealing with tough tricky people feng shui How to attract more business opportunities Feng Shui for Office

When in business we know how dealing with people is the most difficult part. And when all the other factors, like product quality, sincere dedication and effort from part of  employees work out dealing with  business clients is the most trickiest and difficult part, and one very important for the success of any business.
When you start applying feng shui your organization will benefit immensely by starting to attract more clients and many deals work out according to your plans. If you work somewhere the  organization you work with shall progress by leaps and bounds.
People start treating you as an  invaluable asset for your company, and rewards and promotions open up.  If you happen to be a businessman, plan your expenses well. For single owners you plan and cut down on redundant staff to control your overheads, as they may be eating away at your profit margins. If you think you need someone more skilled or competent who can help to increase your company's profitability, then it may be worthwhile considering hiring such a person - even if you have to shell out a little more by the way of salary.
Feng shui is all about moving with the flow. A healing artwork just behind wall is a great way to attract strength for your business and if the owner has back support the business can face any amount of pressures and hardships and come out a winner. With feng shui you will learn to  enjoy your work, and, therefore, are unlikely to feel stressed.
When you know clients are tough ones, apply simple feng shui. Welcome them with a smile, a smile neutralizes negative energy immediately to some extent. Seating arrangement must be such that the client faces you and does not get chance to look out of the main door. Otherwise their focus will shift and deals will be difficult to finalize.
Keep a glass of water on the left side of your table covered.  And always talk with open hand gestures, this gives an expression of your frankness and sincerity to do business. Chairs for clients must be easy to sit, comfortable without them getting hurt by your table or having difficulty in moving, movable chairs are best so that they do not feel restricted in conversations and can easily move to see your presentations without having to get up from their chair, in case you need to show a presentation fo your services or products for sale.
Your office must be welcoming and represent the product you offer. Symbols about your past successes, medals, certificates can be displayed in the south sector for proving your creditability in the business. If you have just begun a new business have symbols , pictures, or paintings that represent your business and give a visual presentation of your goals and products offered.  Never display products or certificates behind the chair of owner of company.
You as owner must be able to have a view of the outside so that you are prepared for the client. Finally do not sit with an open window at the back of your chair, many feng shui masters have shared cases of back stabbing, back biting, attracting bad reputation and name, and even friends cheating with such seating arrangements.
Have some green plants or lucky bamboo in the south east sector or extreme left of office room and activate especially north west sector if your profession deals with male clients and south west to attract business female clients.
Hope this helps, Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

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