Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Important Places for Fish Tank in Feng Shui

 Fish Tank  Feng Shui Cure for Wealth
 With fish tank coming as a fashion statement every living room is seen to have huge fish tanks with latest pumps and cleaning facilities. You can see big fish, small fish, turtles, snails, sucker fish and gold fish that arte more favourites among feng shui lovers.
Water according to feng shui represents wealth and water in any form will promote good luck and prosperity and help in increasing the energy of your wealth area. From all places a fish tank is seen placed in the south, north , west or east and in fact any room and any area of the house. You may also see people placing fish tanks in kitchens for enlivening the environment.
Gold Fish in Feng Shui
It is true that in the Chinese culture every restaurant will have a huge fish tank at the entrance for welcoming guests and the Chinese do believe that fish bring them good luck. So also here many business structures are having fish tanks at the entrance for increasing energy of that area and bringing wealth.
At home it is not advisable to put fish tank in kitchen and bedroom. Also avoid placing fish tank in the children's room. The best place to put up a tank is in the living room. Here the tank will increase the beauty of your room and enhance the decor as well as be easy to maintain along with increasing the energy of that area. Finding the right place according to your lucky area and especially the wealth area which falls in your living room you can place a fish tank here.
Have 9 gold fish in the tank in which 8 are golden and one is black in colour. In feng shui when fish die they take away some of your bad luck so you have to replace the dead fish immediately with new gold fish.
An important point to note with fish tanks is they are excellent cures for money luck and can be used effectively and easily in feng shui but you have to take utmost care to keep your fish tank clean. Dirty tanks and dead fish will create negative energy and affect adversely the area of your wealth. This may lead to bad name in business and financial losses.
Avoid placing fish tank in bedroom as water is never encouraged in bedroom. Even if your lucky best area and career area or metal area of west falls here you would never ever put a fish tank in your bedroom. Moving water is not advisable in feng shui especially for bedroom as this will have a bad effect on husband wife relationship and may lead to regular fights and may also end up in divorce.
Children who love pets would like to have tanks in their bedroom but according to feng shui any water above the ground level is risky and contains pressure. There will also be risk of children accidently breaking the fish tank while playing and getting hurt. Children's bedroom and study room must not have any fish tanks.
Is it good to have a fish tank near the entrance like in restaurants? No the same rule that will work for restaurants to bring in prosperity is harmful for your home. Avoid placing fish tank near the entrance as this will again affect the relationship between inmates adversely.
Keep it in a place where you can see it comfortably and also it does not fall in the high traffic area of your living room, that is frequently used walk way. Best location in feng shui is the north, north west and even many feng shui consultants advise to have fish tanks in south east, remember the area has to be south east and not south, calculate it well as water in south is bad for fame and will diminish the desire to work and achieve anything in life. The life force area in south is very important and so do not take any risks with this area.
All the Best!  

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  1. From all places a fish tank is seen placed in the south, north , west or ...

  2. Hello Wilhlem, welcome to feng shui simple cures. Fish tanks are best in north as water is the element that falls in the north sector of your space.
    All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. oh my i wrote a FULL review THEN was redirected to sign in once it came back My FULL review vanished that SUCKS! short version: i have black algae eater/ bottom feeder he's amazing very pretty and helpful for the aquarium / one orange-pearl gourami / 7 orange neon tiger barbs / a frog & 2 snails it's a ShengChi aquarium baby! they ALL get along FANTASTICALLY and the aquarium stays very clear
    sidenote: make SURE not to overfeed as this is what makes your aquarium dirty, i should know i was doing that @ one point LoL! I follow 3 times per day vigorous feeding / oh and if you're not at home for the feedings they have the automatic feeders now ... ahhhh ... the FINEST to you all with aquariums!!!!! signed: Mz.Know It ALL

  4. This is true to say that now a days in every home you will find one Aquarium as like it is becoming the fashion statement every living room.It can add charm to the room.Guests arrive your home and when they see such beautiful aquarium and the inside fishes will blow their mind away as it looks so attractive to see such little natural habitat in your home.

  5. Yes very true Johnson, fish Aquariums are today seen in just about every home and even offices. I love the soothing feng shui energy of the movement of gold fishes!
    All the Best from Rizwana!

  6. Wow amazing fish tank and I'm see 7-8 golden fish in your tank. Thanks for share this information about fish tank.

    Fish aquarium home products

  7. Thank you Simi, Welcome to Feng Shui Simple Cures, thanks for the lovely comment, All the Best from Rizwana!

  8. hey is it bad luck to keep[ fighter fish at home??????

  9. Divya, yes fighter fishes represent angry and violent energy and have aggressive nature, then there may be blood shed in the fish tank due to fishes fighting or killing each other at some time or other, thus in feng shui we advice to avoid such fishes. Go in for soothing gold fish or angel fishes, Hope this helps you Divya, All the Best from Rizwana!

  10. Hello, I purchased a tank and fishes without investigating this page at first. I have it placed in the North according to my compass, in my living room. I have 2 orange comet, 2 orange and black koi, 2 angel fish, 6 neons. I know I should have gotten the 9 fishes as suggested but now what should I do?

    Also, I have a small desktop tank in my home office with 6 Zebra fish. What should i do about this? Should I get 3 more, one being black. They are different colours at the moment. Also, which direction should I place it in the home office? Please can you give me some guidence.

  11. Hello Rach, welcome to feng shui simple cures! its nice that you are applying these beautiful wealth feng shui cures, the right placement will attract loads of luck.
    North is a great place for fish tanks , except for bedrooms. And you have a lovely combination of fishes, as long as they are happily swimming and no fighting, its great feng shui going on.
    6 is a nice number for celestial luck. No don't add more as these might have got adjusted to the environment, and usually gold fish do not live well with others, experience of so many years with fishes.
    For the office fish tank it must be small size so that it does not draw your focus. just take care that it is kept clean and fishes do not die many times.You can activate the career and business luck by placing fish tank in north.
    or any corner where you wish to draw energy.
    Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!

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  13. Hi Rizwana, thanks for the advice! Just to clarify, the bigger tank in the living room has 12 fish. It the smaller one in the home office that has 6. Is this alright?

  14. Hello Rach, yes twelve is also a good number , as it adds up to three, a complete good luck number.and you have already applied feng shui with color symbolism as orange and black, metal luck, for wealth luck.
    Office , zebra fishes, 6 in number correspond to feng shui sector west, which benefits from number 6, color is grey.
    In the office you can benefit more by next time going in for your lucky number or the one who works from home, and incorporate this in all dealings for attracting good luck.
    You can also add up images of things that you do or your work achievements in south sector and your projects , tasks in the north west sector of your home office. Or if you like to get a healing painting please check out my website.
    some guidelines for home office -
    Hope this helps you Rach, All the Best from Rizwana!