Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Importance and Placement of Crystal Globe in Feng Shui

Crystal globe is one of the important cures in feng shui that has universal apepal. With so many cures for home and all areas this cure in feng shui epsecially works for ofifce and business to bring in good business and increase in finance.
Crystal Globe in Feng Shui
 It is important that you buy a good and original feng shui cure of crystal globe for success in home and office. If you have an office as work from home then this crystal globe can be placed on your office work table.
Placement of Crystal Globe for Prosperity
Crystals as we all know have the power to collect light and energy thus making them good energy enhancers for any area. In feng shui this crystal globe cure can be used  by anyone to improve their financial luck and welcome prosperity and good business. Placement of the crystal globe in the right direction will not only bring business form unexpected quarters but also improve and increase the business from existing clients of the company.
The globe has a metal ring usually of golden colour. It is advisable to use this cure judiciously to improve your money luck. Always keep your globe shiny and clean. As you begin your day amke it a daily routine to clean your globe and place it with positive intentions on yoru office table.
Where to place the crystal globe for best benefit as feng shui cure- the best place according to feng shui is first to consider the area in which you have your office. East, west, north or south. If your atble is in the south and south east this is the best location. Place the crystal globe on the left hand side of your table and always maintain cleanliness in your office.
Avoid placing the crystal globe near te edge of your office or study table since there is risk of falling and breaking which is harmful and since this fear will always be there this will create bad feng shui and poison arrow every time you view your crystal globe.
A crystal globe cure is used to bring great business opportunities and bring wealth and prosperity. The globe gives you the open opportunity of global level and increase business many folds.
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