Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mirror Facing Another Mirror and Feng Shui

The thumb rule in feng shui is balance and going with the flow. Anything be it object, furniture or person coming against the flow is bad feng shui and needs a cure. With latest interior arrangements of selecting mirrors as an important item in your home decor it is advised that having too many mirrors in a single room is bad feng shui.
With the intention of creating more space people tend to have mirrors which give to feeling of increased space and light. Though it is correct that mirrors reflect light and makes your room bright and spacious having too much of it is harmful. We see mirrors in the living room near the entrance and as we enter the house we are welcomed with a full wall made of mirror. There are also water falls made with mirrors and other knick knacks like fancy mirrors, plant pots of mirror chips and so on and so forth the list is endless how a mirror can be used in our interior decor. I have also noticed mirrors used as cures by many couples to cure wealth, relationship and fertility problems. I do not understand how people can follow such feng shui tips? full length mirrors in the dining room, the living room and most shockingly the bedroom! Before following any feng shui advice do consider the practical implications and the effects they will have on your life and family.
Yes mirrors are used as cures for many problems and in fact they are the easiest and sure shot cure for any problem using them judiciously is most important. In bedroom avoid having too many mirrors and especially reflecting your bed is a no no. For fertility cure you can hang a feng shui painting or use other cures which I have mentioned in my posts and even if you have a mirror in your dressing table try to cover it at nights or avoid looking at your reflection while sleeping. the rule here is that our soul comes out at night and looking at our body gets scared and thus we do not get total rest and have sleep related problems.
For promoting wealth and prosperity use mirror in living room and for multiplying your wealth and food energy use mirror reflecting your dining table. Avoid two mirrors facing each other as they create disharmony and imbalance. If you have a mirror on a wall and the other opposite wall or furniture then please change the position of one. Chi or positive energy that is the energy that enters your home through your main door and has to flow into each and every room and nook and corner of your home gets confused with too may mirrors. You will also notice the inmates of such families do not have strong focus and motivation. Usually these people are insecure and cannot make right decisions. Many quarrels and arguments also take place by having too many mirrors in your home. Having fancy mirrors is a trend being followed by many but when selecting mirrors as a piece of art do consider to select a  clear mirror that shows a right image otherwise observing in a distorted mirror will also disillusion your vision towards life in general.
Also avoid having broken or chipped mirrors as they will affect your relationships adversely.
Mirror facing mirror in living room will reflect the positive energy and wealth coming inside back towards the door. Having too many mirrors in bath room will multiply your problems regarding health and wealth. So do think carefully when selecting a mirror for your home and do consider few simple feng shui tips for selecting mirrors and decorating your home with mirrors.
All the Best!  

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  1. Mirror facing mirror is good or bad? From above initially its said to be bad and later good. Please ad ise

  2. Nhc390,mirrors are good in some cases only , if used correctly. There is no universal law for use of mirrors in feng shui each situation brings out a different result.depending upon the surroundings and sectors mirrors can be either good or bad feng shui. Hope this helps!

  3. yes quite confusing guidance. It still leaves one unsure as to appropriateness of two facing mirrors in the living room ... The reason why I checked this article.

    1. Hi The Domestic Goddess, quite an interesting name! The mirrors facing mirrors concept must be avoided if you don't have proper knowledge about this.Use it in living rooms and wealth corners and avoid it in bedrooms. Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!


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