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Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Find the Right Career Using Feng Shui Self Direction and Choosing Right Career with Feng Shui

How to find the right career using feng shui, self direction with feng shui and choosing the right career following simple feng shui.
The meaning of self direction is the path God has chosen for an individual. Many times we are in a field or job with very high qualifications but still are not happy and satisfied in life. Such people have difficulty in losing focus many times, losing job, suffering to maintain healthy relationships and in end suffering from self pity anddepression. Reason is that the indivudal has not got balanced chakras and self awareness of individual purpose of thei life.
 Each individual comes to life with a purpose and they are truly satisfied and happy only when they are in the right place. How often we see  people who would have lived their life differently if they got another chance. How to get this balance by using feng shui?
Stones and rocks are an very important part of healing. There are many stones that can be got according to the birth month. One can browse through the internet to get a clear picture of these different stones.The best for people suffering from anxiety and behavioural problems is the Rose Quartz. It is a pink, many times transparent or translucent  stone  made up in a ring or pendant and worn near the heart . This can also be placed in the house to get its rays of healing. When worn near the heart it helps an individual to come to terms with his life situations.
The green jade stone is a beautiful stone which brings goodluck and prosperity. Pendants and bracelets are available of this stone. The black eye helps to ward off evil eye from others and so on and so forthe, there are many stones available to cure different areas of problems in ones life.
Placing rocks and stones in the north east area helps individual to understand their life's purpose and go in that direction. They get a clear picture of their goals and aims in life. This helps them to become well adjusted and better human beings. Their relationships also are healed and people find them better companions to be with.
Always remember feng shui is all about balance and harmony. Any thing that does not go with your naure , please do not follow it , as it will do no help to you. Have faith and the rest will be done. There is no replacement to hard work and feng shui helps those who work to improve themselves and their lives.

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