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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Tussles and Arguments Among Inmates of the House.

After coming home we all want peace and relaxation and if there are constant bickering from members and fights among mother-in-law and daughter-in-law then the owner of the house does not feel relaxed and is always tired and feels energy drained. Feng shui links this to pictures and objects of violence in the house.
How does an animal painting or  a painting of war affect the atmosphere at home? Pictures have an influence on our mind and daily viewing paintings depicting negative emotions and war  will surely affect the mind of the inmates. Just like a happy painting influences our mood and uplifts the energy of the environment so also paintings of war, even though they may have religious significance, influence negatively the environment and mental status of the inmates.
If you notice arguments taking place very often among members of the family take a look at your external surroundings and inside of the house. You may find thorny plants outside or negative neighbours who constantly fight or are always in debt , then please avoid any contact with such people. Negative people have the influence more on our minds and such people are termed as 'energy suckers'. If your children and other members have some friends or colleagues who are negative then avoid communication with them. If it is not possible to totally ignore them then place a mirror on your front door with the intention of driving out negativity. All the negative energy from outside will be reflected back and will not enter your house.
In case you have sculptures of fighting animals like raging elephants, charging bulls or dried trees then it is a sure way to influence your mind and emit same emotions from you, thus resulting in you always being prepared to fight!
Paintings of the Mahabharata are displayed in many homes due to its religious significance but according to feng shui all paintings that depict fighting and war are a no no. The inmates will always be charged up and ready to fight on any occasion. One must also avoid watching television serials depicting violence and scheming in-laws. Remember the TV producers and serial actors are earning by acting, for them it is their living and they tax upon our emotions jus to bring thrill to the viewers. All this is not reality,  but watching negative topics will influence your minds and have a downward effect on your life.
In case you have such works displayed in your homes it is best to remove them. If they are of sentimental value you can always keep them covered and stored in the store room. If these problems continue try to replace all paintings with happy pictures of pairs of birds, fresh flowers, green trees and mountains. Fresh colours will influence the minds of the inmates positively and the atmosphere at home will be relaxed. Try to put up religious or symbolic paintings to protect the home. Symbols are available in different materials and though there are many options wood is the best for choosing a symbol to display on your front door. One can also keep freshly cut flowers in the living room as well as healthy plants near the door to encourage positive energy entering the house.
Try to keep the atmosphere at home relaxed with lights and soft music when the home owner enters as this will affect their mental status and in long term the business and prosperity of the home.

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