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Monday, May 30, 2011

Feng Shui Cure for Overhead Beams

Many times when we shift into our new home we look after all the aspects of beauty and facilities available there. We are impressed by the rooms, the amenities and the overall decor. Hardly do we notice flaws in construction and structure. After shifting many people feel over burdened and stressed, this may be due to the pressures of home loans or other expenses, but still if this persists take a good round of your home its construction.
By taking a look around I do not mean the rooms and their furniture. I mean to take a look at the construction of walls, over head beams or pillars inside any room. Usually in Feng Shui overhead beams are considered bad for the inmates of the house. But any house cannot be constructed without beams and pillars. They are the basis for constructing strong walls. Living under such beams or sleeping under these beams will give the feeling of being under constant fear and stress for the individual. Try to avoid purchasing houses that have too many beams protruding. They do not look good visually as well as are termed as pointing negative arrows towards inmates of the house. Pillars also do the same. They block the view in any room and also obstruct placement of furniture in any good arrangement.
Before purchasing a house try to see whether the walls are clear, and have no overhead beams or less. Even when you select a house which ahs all the good points but some Feng Shui flaws please reconsider other options, but if you want to go ahead with the deal, then Feng Shui has certain cures to help prevent negative energies from entering your home. If these beams fall under other rooms which do not have direct exposure to the inmates then it is okay, also if the individual members can avoid sleeping under such beams, all the better. Try to keep children away from such rooms as they are very active and such beams may be a hazard while playing over the bed or jumping around. If you have such beams in passages or kitchen you can construct storage spaces and cupboards using these beams as support on one side. This will not only cover the beams but also be of utility by saving your money for making a full box cupboard storage.
Some people also opt for false ceilings to cover these beams and once this is done the beams do not protrude or become a sore eye in your decor. One can also make glass ceilings with lights in it or it can have a design in plaster of paris to make it attractive and at the same time conceal the over head beams. There are many options available in the market for decorating walls and concealing overhead beams. But we all know this comes with a price and that too a huge one! If you do not wish to spend so much then according to Feng Shui, if all these options are not available one can use a simple cure for this problem. Hanging a hollow metal wind chime will help to keep the energy positive in that area. I would wonder how this cure would be effective and since I am very practical person my reasoning tells that hanging something and that too making some sound will help people to look in that direction, this will help prevent accidents and people getting hurt by the beams unknowingly. The sound will soothe the environment and relieve stress among the inmates. Take care to hang light weight and smaller sized chimes, lest you knock some rods and get hurt! ending up with a bump in search of Feng Shui cure!
The best cure would be to hang a chime that is colourful or making light sounds. Hollow wind chimes are best as they are light in weight and move easily with the blowing of wind. Select wind chime according to the sound you like.  One can also hang symbolic torans having symbols of protection and also religious symbols can be hung as frames on the walls with beams. This again takes your eye towards the religious symbols and also sends waves of protection and positivity. Using any cure will give the same result and all this will depend upon individual choices and religious beliefs. Many people also go in for lighting a small bulb of zero watts to cure this area.
Which ever cure you select for the over head beams it would be good to consider the elements that fall in that particular area. Remember Feng Shui is always about balance and never go in for any cure that looks out of place with your decor. I have always advised Feng Shui cures that will go along with your decor and not bring undue attention from lookers. Many people use cures that look very prominently as Feng Shui cures and this immediately comes in the eye of other people. Here there may be negative energy transfer as people say, nothing happens with these cures, or why did you spend so much for this? or do you believe in Feng Shui? so remember everyone does try all these cures as there is no human on earth who does not like peace, success, prosperity and money, the difference is they do not show.

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