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Saturday, April 6, 2019

How to fold Tshirt step by step the Feng Shuii way with photos correct folding of clothes with Feng shui

 Folding clothes a very very important task in feng shuii. the way you dress up and the way you store your clothes has a lot to do with the feng shuii of your life. Relationships, career, wealth and health every aspect is affected by the way you keep your clothes in your wardrobe.
How to fold tshirt feng shii way
How to fold tshirt feng shii way

How to fold tshirt feng shii way
 The important point here with feng shuii is that it must be neat and organised. Each section must be clear and clothes of different purpose must be kept in different sections. This helps organise your life directly. 
One of the main aspects of clutter clearing is this major step. Folding clothes. Remove all clothes with intentions of organizing your life.  Sort  them according to frequent use, rare use, occasional use, and no use at all. Letting go of some clothes helps to give away some of bad karma that may be blocking your progress in life.

How to fold tshirt feng shii way

How to fold tshirt feng shii way

How to fold tshirt feng shii way

How to fold tshirt feng shii way
Coming back to folding clothes. With love and care will you fold the clothes. There is a simple process that will help you store clothes in compact manner and also help you to find them quickly whenever the need arises. If you have to search a lot for finding a pair of socks then your feng shuii of life is in a mess!Meaning of mental and physical clutter
1) Flat surface lay out the clothes, smoothen them.
2) One side folded
3) second side fold with sleeves folded on inner side.
4) You will now begin folding from base , lower part of tshirt.
5) triple folds is very auspicious and lucky. always fold clothes in triple folds whenever possible.
6) Not only will your clothes be neat, they will also require less space to store them. and whenever you want any of this it is so easy to identify and pick up, you will not waste precious time at beginning of day for searching messy crumpled clothes!
Happy Feng Shuiing! Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!

why the topic, myself am going through a major feng shuii turmoil! my studio was a mess,with thousands of artworks, The obsessions continued but now the sudden insight has come up, thanks to my spirit guides.  
backing with hand made paper to my artworks

Tearing some of my paintings
The wardrobe, the kitchen , the photos album, each and every aspect needs clearing and organizing!will keep sharing practical tips to help get mine and your life on track! 
Are you Stuck up in life on any issues, do comment below in the comments section, I will be happy to guide! Do share!Thanks!

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