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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yang Living Rooms are Best for 2016 ! The Monkey Year and What Feng Shui Energy Cures to Avoid this Year 2016

Happy New Year, a New beautiful year has begun on February 8, 2016, The Monkey Year!
All the characteristics of the Monkey, learn them and utilize these for your benefits this Monkey Year! It would be better to study carefully these traits and avoid certain steps if possible if you are superstitious and are in a position to avoid somethings.
What to Avoid This Year-
1) Monkey is an Active Animal and Always on the Go and Go-Getter! Yes you love to travel but as the monkey keeps hopping sometimes it may be a drain to your personal chi. Prone to burn out. Those very active and prone to Temper tantrums must learn to control emotions.
2) The Living Room has to be really activated with loads of yang energy, stagnant things and dull colors will put down the energy in your life.
3) Clever Monkey loves to dress up, Flamboyant energy of over spending, keep a check to your finances.
4)  Excellent year in Entrepreneurship, An Opportunist, sure is, but be careful of betrayal, no harm in cross checking new partners and tie ups for new business ventures.
5) Relax - Take Time for yourself as the monkey may sometimes be Stubborn, and those already suffering from  Anxiety need to be prepared to go in a relaxing manner.
6) Relationships must be kept at a check, as the monkey is a social animal!
Feng Shui Experts suggest this year has the energy of the Widow year so its better to let go plans of marriage for this year. Though I am not so much aware of this but experts say that there may be some lucky numbers also in this year.
Yang Living Rooms are best as this Monkey Year the Living  room energy will strikingly influence your life.
Fame a Contemporary modern Feng Shui Painting Razarts
1) Add some glamour and style  to your living room decor.
2) Colors like red, orange , purple and gold
3) Tone down the north sector water and blue and add some metal objects.
4) West and Northwest must be activated with air and birds instead of horses and water paintings. Monkeys love this.
5) Add new shiny artefacts or glistening objects, Monkeys love this!
1) Prosperity corner must never be dull but  avoid Tortoise or Turtle cures here.
2) Be really careful with choosing any objects for south west. You may also leave it empty if you are married.
3) For the single ones trying to find a suitable match better to go slow and careful while choosing mates. The monkey is a trickster and loves glamour, so sometimes the picture seen may not be true or hundred percent facts.
4) Secure your door, the main door needs to be well and stable strong.
5) Wind chimes needs to be used with care. Wrong placement may attract negative energy and confusion.
Juts a few precautions and tips, yet if you have already placed some really workable feng shui cures, and that are showing you miraculous results, please do not disturb this energy.
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All the Best!
A Few Yang paintings!
Feeling Blessed!

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