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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Is the Gift of Roses Harmful for Your Relationship Gifting Rose Flower Bouquets and Roses 6 Feng Shui Tips

Valentine's Day just passed by and still the energy of Love is in the air. people do take this opportunity to gift their precious loved ones and it has come to be universally accepted to express love for not only romantic couples but to every member for whom you care. While some may not understand but it it true that in the hectic schedules of life, some where down the line we forget to take notice of the people we care, and such days help us to express our thoughts of gratitude.
Gifting roses has been the best way to express love and as we see the colors of the roses has meanings and interpretations from red and pink for love passion and romance freshness to yellow oranges for friendship and white for pure respect.
Feng shui energy symbolized with your action of gifting is most important as it is transferred to the receiver.Your intentions are most important while you buy, pack and gift the roses to the special people in your life. The emotions that com up in the receiver while they accept the gift go a long way into carrying your relationship ahead.
Some Important feng shui tips while gifting roses to keep   the love and respect in your relationships alive!
1) First of all if you an understand and know your receiver. Do they love roses? Any other flowers also can be gifted to convey your expressions of love. Strange but true , some people do not like roses.
2) Purchasing roses for gifting your love, do check the color of roses as dark muddy colored roses will symbolize confusion in relation ships. Clear colors of vermillon or bright deep red are best for energy in feng shui.
3) Avoid too many shading in the rose flowers as they indicate confusion and partial energy in every aspects of life for the relationship.
4) Check for thorns, nothing more bitter than the prick of thorn for the receiver, that is not taken too well for relationship energy. It will some time or other affect your relationship.
"Two Pink Hearts of Love" small painting on Love Double Happiness Rizwana
5) Avoid packing or gift wrapping roses in black paper , this will mar and cover up the love energy and also your message and expression of love.
6) Now this one never thought off! Usually we see individuals in park, impulsively pluck a rose! Great romantic expression, but you need to take permission of the plant and the gardener! Stolen roses will not bring fruitful relationships!
Gifting roses next time do consider these points. Always have positive intentions, remember a large costly bouquet for some one  is not important , a single rose gifted with love and positive intent will work wonders for any relationship!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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