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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Metal Sun Sculpture on Main Door Feng shuii symbolism

Is Metal Sun good at entrance  main door in feng shuii?
Metal Sun, the most auspicious energy from the Universe and also one of the  strongest. We need sun to purify  protect and for growth. Since ancient ages Sun has been worshiped in many cultures, especially in Hinduism The Surya God , as in Vaastu is considered very auspicious near main door. Yes, and people do buy and choose houses that get direct sunlight at least for some part of the day.
The best direction is east sun rays coming in your home , the sector of relationships, elders, and wealth.
Try to see that sun comes in directly at least in some space of your home. Metal sculptures are symbolic of power, and growth , prosperity symbol are auspicious near main door. Metal is good for north in feng shuii and if you have a north door this is good. But still I personally advice and prefer clear simple feng shuii with east activation using sun symbols.
Sun Rays in Feng Shuii
Why sun is important in Feng Shuii?
Sun from my little space under the sun 
1) Dark areas and dim lit areas without natural sunlight has more of yin energy. Passive.
2)  For purification- germs, diseases stay away where sun falls in. Sun rays heal.
3) Motivation to work gradually reduces without sun entering in spaces.
4) Sun rays activate the strongest feng shuii energy without you doing anything. It is like an active burner with flame to keep the fire energy on.
5) Sun God, most powerful, attracts power and status.
6) Growth is difficult without sun light, yep, all gardeners know this, a true fact! so in feng shuii for growth in business and career sun is important.
7) Metal Sun mirrors and artifacts are hung out side or near main entrances for protection and energy activation.
8) Avoid very sharp and pointed sun rays sculpture, otherwise it produces shar energy. 
9) Copper and Brass are better metals for Sun sculpture and sun mirrors for their strength. Avoid iron and plastics.
Hang it in best locations, of course if you are lucky you get the east sector, then this is best.  As in feng shuii energy activation is best when you place cures according to all objects found in nature.
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