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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Summer Solstice Equinox and The Strongest Feng Shuii Dates for year 2018

All around the world this beautiful energy! Summer Solstice, Equinox, the best Yang energy moments of the year, Awesum Feng Shuii energy. the time of the year when days and nights are equal.
Eight number is very auspicious, in Chinese it sounds to generate wealth.
Infinity , rebirth and Completed energy of eight.
Solstice-when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point , northern most or southern most point from the equator.
Equinox-twice every year. days and nights are equal mostly comes by March 21 , September 23.Sun is exactly over head and Masters advice to drink plenty of  fluids and water to keep yourself hydrated.
For me  they are the most beautiful times and people hardly pay attention. The bets feng shuii moments , energy, take note of this and utilize this for your benefit.
Reiki Divine Balance small sized  Healing art for side/study table
The days and nights equal means you are given equal amounts of harmonius energy for work and rest. The energy , most of this goes waste as people hardly take charge of their hours at hand.
While you may hydrate yourself well do begin auspicious projects and new assignments now. I have also mentioned that the moon phases also affect your feng shuii results. Take note that the moon in its rising phase is best energy and waning phase has lower energy.
Do you know the best dates, this year you will get the Eights ruling!
Year 2018 with its Eight at end has strong symbolism.
Every month you are given three most auspicious days to begin new start us,a assignments, orders, and projects. 8, triple eights come every month, use them!
8, 18, 28, of every month has Amazingly beautiful power packed energy!the gift from the Universe coming every month , for the whole year!Triple Eight's!
Don't get too excited, use this 8 energy in a well planned and well balanced manner and see the miracles happen!
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

Triple Infinity Side Table healing art

Do not copy for fear of Karma!

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