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Friday, July 6, 2012

Visit to Buddhist Monastery Manali a Must for Every Healer

Buddhist Monastery in Manali
Buddhist temple at Manali is a very peaceful and beautiful place, full of colorful flowers grown in the surroundings and fully painted with auspicious symbols the Buddhist temple and monastery is a must visit place for any healer from the world.
Auspicious Scriptures on stone

The wish fulfilment temple

Temple in Manali Buddhist
God has a plan and each one has to follow this. The sheer beauty of the hill station Manali at the great heights and the Rohtang pass clad with snow a beautiful place to visit and especially a must visit place for all the healers from the world. The journey itself is a new page in my life and one that has been dreamed of since years. The symbols that I have been painting have come live in front of me a scriptures, and symbolic Tibetan flags flow with the wind, the Buddhism culture is very prominently observed in every place in hill station Manali.
The Golden Rotating Wheel with carvings of auspicious symbols

Healing Artist Rizwana Mundewadi at the Buddhist temple

The Entrance of the Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple and Monastery in Manali
Colorful Symbols and Scriptures on the Temple

The Mantras in Buddhist language
The mantras embedded as carvings on the metal  hollow drums have to be moved in one direction, while people chant the mantras, OM Mani Padme Hum, along with rotating  the drums and move along there is an immense peace and satisfaction felt which is out of this world.
The Monks at Buddhist temple
The whole environment is that of healing and the aura of the place is filled with positive energy.
Colourful Entrance to Buddhist Temple

The Senior People at Manali

Colourful Flowers at Buddhist temple and Monastery in Manali
There are beautiful colourful flowers of red, pink, blue, peach and yellow and shaded variety, just what I had read in the book ' Monk who sold his Ferrari' by Robin Sharma the acclaimed leadership guru and a healer and guide to many. The book has unfolded many mysteries and created an image of the monks from mountains of the Himalayas to live in a hut surrounded by colourful fragrant roses. The painting "Red Pilgrim' by Rizwana mundewadi is only a simple representation of the monks living away from this world and leading a spiritually fulfilling life.As I had painted this painting years back , looking at these very sights has brought feelings of enlightenment and connection with  the whole universe. a feeling of completion, a whole, the missing part of the puzzle is complete.
Beautiful Original Healing Gem Stones at Manali
Buddhist temple Manali

From all feng shui cures, to crystals, and healing stones Manali is a place where you can get all types of stones. From the Rose Quartz, the Amethyst to the Sapphire and Emerald all are available here. Moonstone , sandstone and so many colorful healing stones. There is a special connection to every stone and each individual can feel this attraction when they visit the certified gems stores here.
It is very important when you buy stones that you feel an attraction and likeness for any stone that you select for buying. Many people also follow their birth stone chart and purchase such stones for healing and good luck. Emeralds for June born, Amethyst for February born and Garnet for January born , there are each specific stones for every month which will benefit the wearer.
I am more interested in the raw stones and am back with originally charged stones from the huge Rohtang pass, the snow clad mountain has immense dragon energy and as people  construct roads in the  huge mountains, from above we see as if the mouth of the dragon takes lakhs of  cars moving to the top.
Yaks and Horses Grazing on the Mountains

Rohtang Pass Snow Clad Mountains

The Way to the Top of Rohtang Pass Border of Tibet

Feng shui we are against breaking any forms of natural elements as this creates imbalance and my heart aches for the mountain which has been cut off, parts which are broken and blasts that may have wounded the white mighty dragon. but unless there were roads we would not have been able to reach the palce and enjoy the beauty of this majestic and graceful Rohtang.. The construction of roads is also harmful as the cut off parts of the mountain, white dragon, maybe its stomach will lead to financial problems, its mouth ,the feet of the mountains, will create problems for people living here. But with progress this all is essential and people have used feng shui cures for balancing  the energy.
With the balance of all five elements this place is sure charged with loads of positive energy.
God has a plan, his plans are way better than what we plan, when the student is ready the teacher appears!
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!


  1. You have provided good images and valuable information on Manali Buddhist monasteries. Manali has many monasteries which are from Buddhism religion and culture.
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  2. Thanks for the comment, yes it was an enlightening experience and would love to visit this beautiful place, Manali, again and again. Though we inquired about the other Buddhist monasteries we could not find the right person who would guide us and this Temple is near the market and a favorite tourist destination.
    little did I know where this journey would lead me...

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  4. Thanks for the comment.Manali hotels are really very good and I did like the ambience of the place.

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  6. Thanks Himachal Tourism, yes this is the best place in India, the majestic snow clad mountains!


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