Sunday, September 14, 2014

Never display fish tanks or fish tank paintings in bedroom as Feng Shui Cures for Wealth

Fishes displayed in home are considered very auspicious in feng shui. From wealth to career prospects and growth fishes also represent the harmonious way the two swim in the sea of life, that is for family happiness and love. With such strong symbolism on fishes being displayed in homes and office people have been putting up fish tanks in every space to attract more wealth and prosperity.
Sernya, the two fishes, one of the eight auspicious Tibetan Buddhism symbols is one strong symbolic way to attract good luck and harmony. Not only do the fishes come in form of fish tanks but also a lot of fish paintings and posters make way into every room and office to attract prosperity.
Fishes do bring in a lot of energy as they continuously swim and keep moving, no doubt a soothing relaxing the mind activity to observe the fishes swimming, it is great to display fish tanks especially in north sector to attract career prospects and wealth.
Fish Tank Fish Paintings as Feng Shui Cures  in Bedroom

The problem comes when fish tanks and fish paintings or posters are also displayed in the bedroom which is not such a good feng shui energy. In feng shui water element has to be totally avoided in the bedroom. Water , flowing water, has  a lot of energy that can break rocks. Also water in any form must never be displayed in bedrooms.
Even if the north sector falls in the bedroom or the helpful friend sector one must avoid the use of feng shui water symbols or feng shui water cures in bedroom.  You can use different representative symbols here to bring in this feng shui energy to activate these corners.
Why you must not display fish tanks of fish painting in bedroom-
1) Water is never to be displayed in bedroom even mirrors that represent metal element are to be avoided as it disturbs relationships and may lead to serious consequences.
Fish Tank Fish Paintings as Feng Shui Cures  in Bedroom
2) Fishes swim continuously and this energy , constantly moving is not the one required in bedroom which is a place for rest and unwinding. Here we need soothing relaxing peaceful energy to re energize.
3) Water in fish tanks may get muddied, infected, the pre washing time of fish tanks, as a result may  lead to impure air and environment.
4) The moving energy of fishes affects the couple who may feel restless and be tempted to always be on the move, thus not very good for forming stable relationships.
5) Under water pictures represent a symbolism of being in debt or having financial burdens and getting drowned. Many people also put small baby dolls, houses and human characters inside the fish tanks, which is very very bad feng shui energy as this represents the family being under water and always in trouble or suffocating in relationships.
6) There may be bloody fighter  fishes also along with many colored fishes in your fish under water painting and this again symbolizes that they eat up your energy and your wealth. Displaying fighter fishes in fish tanks and placing this in your bedroom has serious feng shui energy effects on the emotions of the family, especially the couple.
Hope this helps. 
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort. For everything else there is feng shui!
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